Turn off the Distractions and Turn on Your Relationship

If a couples retreat is in your future, unplug and get away to Belamere Suites

“Unplug Now or Jeopardize Your Real-Life Connections” Marriage.com

- Stuart Fensterheim, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“As a couple’s counselor, I see that widespread use of digital devices has become a cause of disconnection between couples and families. What kind of meaningful connections or significant relationships can you cultivate when digital devices are taking your time and attention? One client called social media a ”time-sucking vampire.” I thought that was an apt description of overuse of technology. It’s no wonder why people often feel stressed and pressed for time; feeling like there are not enough hours in the day to do everything they need to do for themselves and their jobs, let alone the family. How will they find time to connect with each other in any kind of meaningful way?”

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Put Down the Device and Jump into a Heated Swimming Pool

Belamere Suites, a locally owned boutique hotel, was created before the “time-sucking vampires” and has stayed true to its roots; couples arrive as two and leave as one.

If you truly want to unplug and recharge your relationship, then a hotel with a private pool, a no children policy, national award winning reviews and many in room add-ons to customize your stay is the best place to start.

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Escape & Reconnect

This is your time as a couple to relax into each other's arms as the sound of the water and stillness let’s you reconnect and escape back to those gitty filled months of first meeting. Just be - just be playful, just be mysterious, just be excited, just be simple, just be two people in love with no cares on your special evening your special way.

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If you want to add something to your stay such as candles, aromatherapy, roses, or more, Belamere has 24-hour concierge to make that happen.

You could go anywhere for your next romantic weekend, but why? Everything you could possibly desire is right here!

If a couples retreat is in your future, unplug and get away to Belamere Suites.

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