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More About the Grand Royal Suite

Grand Royal Swimming Pool Suite in Ohio

Two story loft with over 1,500 square feet. Private, in-room pool, dry heat sauna, in-wall fire place, private bathroom area. Upgrades available.

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More About the Royal Swimming Pool Suite

Royal Swimming Pool Suite in Ohio

Two story loft, private in-room pool and sauna. Upgrades available. (This Suite only available in Perrysburg)

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More About the Presidential Swimming Pool Suite

Presidential Swimming Pool Suite

Single story with over 1,000 square feet, open layout, private heated swimming pool, two person whirlpool tub, king sized bed. Upgrades available.

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More About the Ultimate Jacuzzi Suite

Ultimate Whirlpool Suite

Lush king sized bed, two person whirlpool tub, 2 person walk-in shower, in-room fireplace, over 500 square feet, catered European breakfast.

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