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Sentinel Tribune Article in Belamere

For a special anniversary or just a night away from the kids, you won’t find a more uniquely romantic escape than the Belamere Suites in Perrysburg. Although their sign is visible from the intersection of I-75 and I-475, Belamere is tucked away in an unlikely spot on Williams Road. Turn at the Speedway gas station on Rt. 25 and wend your way through a mainly industrial area to a cul-de-sac.

What might look more like a storage facility lined with alternating garage and entry doors is fronted with a reception office. Surprises are in store! The cozy lobby welcomes with a fireplace and leather rockers and friendly staff ready and waiting to accommodate your every wish.

Belamere, is the romantic brainchild of owner John Kranjec. With over 20 years in the hotel business, Kranjec has created the ultimate destination spot for couples. The property includes 18 suites complete with Jacuzzi tubs.

Six of these rooms also feature in-room 18’ x 11’ swimming pools. The pools hold 7,000 gallons of water maintained at a bathwater temperature of 92 degrees. Each suite has its own garage and outside entrance. “Wives will blindfold their husband and drive around to confuse them.

After they pull in the garage the guys have no idea where they are, unless they turn on the news and see they are still in the Toledo area,” laughed Kranjec.

“We want people to have the experience they are looking for so we provide packages or an ala carte list of services to select from,” he said.

While breakfast in bed and warm cookies are standard fare at Belamere, couples may choose to indulge in everything from in-room massages to a helicopter ride. The most popular package is for anniversaries and includes a $50 coupon to nearby Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano in Levis Commons, a candle lit room, rose petals strewn in a heart shape on the bed, and late check-out which is very popular.

“Parents buy this package for their children’s wedding night, and kid’s buy it for their parents’ 50th anniversary,” adds Kranjec.

But weddings and anniversaries aren’t the only time for a couple to enjoy Belamere.

“Some people haven’t left their kids in 6 years. This is a special place for them to get away and spend time together. People want everything and we just keep adding services to fulfill their wishes. We have 15 restaurants that deliver to the property because most people that come don’t want to leave,” he exclaimed.

“We love working with people. Their visit becomes a memorable time in their lives.”

Lance and April Reidling of Cygnet are in complete agreement. The couple celebrated their 14th anniversary at Belamere Suites and claim it’s the honeymoon they never had.

“The staff is amazing! They put together a package to include everything we wanted and then some,” said the Reidlings.

“A private swimming pool right in your bedroom, and having someone at your beck and call was wonderful,” continued the Reidlings, “We highly recommend Belamere, if you’re looking for a romantic getaway that’s close to home-it’s perfect!”