"Amazing Customer Service"

Nicole S

"I travel all around the world for business, everywhere from Hong Kong, to Atlanta Georgia and Australia. I have to say the one thing that differentiates any hotel experience for a business traveler especially, is the customer service. Customer service is really hard to find these days and when you are tired and always flying, living out of a suitcase, or getting ready for a big presentation it makes a huge difference when you get a tiny bit of home wherever you are. This is my first time having a meeting in Ohio, and everything the company recommended was booked, so I found this gem Belamere. I guess I am just not used to customer service in CA, because the ladies here were so genuinely nice and accommodating, I had to write a review. Not fake nice like California, but like really genuinely nice people. Not only did they treat me like I was family, the room is amazing, they are friendly, energetic, and they also accommodated a last minute change to my room reservation without question, and offered me a ride to my meeting in the morning. This is the old fashioned customer service that is very very hard to find nowadays! If I ever come back to this area this is where I will stay and recommend to my co-workers and it's affordable too."