Couples in Belamere Suites Ohio

7 Tips to Keep the Romance Alive

You’re in love, and you are looking for ways to show your partner how much you care.

Sometimes it’s the little things, and other times, you want a bigger gesture to show how much you appreciate them in your life. In the first few years of a relationship, it is easier to rekindle magical moments: going to the first restaurant you went to, playing certain songs, wearing a favorite cologne or perfume, but what else could you do that shows more effort and creativity?

Romance Tips

1. Surprise visit to a sentimental location

Do you remember the first place you gazed into your loved one's eyes, and you knew he or she was the one? What about the place she said, "I love you?" Plan a surprise visit to a romantic place that holds sentimental value to you and your one and only. Then comment below and tell us how it went.

2. Write love notes

Write sweet nothings on a piece of paper, napkin, or even a sticky note and leave them in areas where you know your significant other will find them. Write down your favorite memories on a sticky note and place it on their dashboard for your honey to see on their morning ride to work.

3. Plan a scavenger hunt

Find a box of inexpensive cards from a local store. Write clues for your next destination or final destination on each card. Once you seal the envelope shut, jot down a time on the outside of the envelope. At each specific time, your loved one should open up the envelope for a special surprise. Get as creative as you want with this! Inside could be a riddle, maybe tickets to a show or sporting event, or even scented lip gloss with a message to smell here. Have fun and happy hunting!

4. Take dance lessons

Trade in your sneakers for some dancing shoes and twirl into a Tango or Salsa class. Intimate classes like ballroom will surely bring you and bae closer together.

5. Cooking Classes

Roll up your sleeves and get dirty making the tastiest meals for each other. The best part about this activity is feeding each other a hand cooked meal and dessert the both of you prepared together.

6. Do a chore or job you know your special someone hates doing

When was the last time you mopped the floor or brought in the garbage container from the end of the driveway? Does your significant other make subtle comments hoping you will catch a hint? Show your honey you are listening by completing a chore you rarely do.

7. Romantic Getaway!

Good news! Belamere Suites Hotel is all about Romance. We have succeeded in making sure couples fall deeper in love for more than 15 years. We have thought about all the different ways for you to express how much you love and appreciate your special someone. Reserve the Grand Royal Swimming Pool Suite, and you will see exactly what we mean.

Our Grand Royal Swimming Pool Suites include your private in-suite swimming pool set at a warm 92 degrees, a 2-person whirlpool tub, a 2-person walk-in shower with body massage jets, private saunas, couples massages, and so much more!

At Belamere Suites Hotels, we have amenities at both of our location that will take your stay to the next level! Roses, excursions, and 24-hour concierge service is sure to keep that spark alive. Life is busy enough without having to remember the little things, so allow us to do that for you!

Though what about the intangibles: rest, uninterrupted one-on-one time, and easy access to things to do if you are on a staycation or mini vacation? We are conveniently located near entertainment districts as well as parks and recreation. You can take on the town or take a romantic hike and head back to the one place where you don’t have to worry about family obligations and whatever else that could get in the way of you reconnecting with the person you love.

Best of all, we are just a quick getaway from many major cities. In Ohio, we are about an hour from Detroit and less than two hours from Cleveland. Our Georgia location is less than an hour from Atlanta and less than four hours from Nashville!

When you plan your romantic getaway to Belamere Suites, we promise you'll be able to check off every item on our list of Romantic Tips!