Local Dining


Biaggi's | Fine Dining

Fresh. Relaxed. Delicious.

1320 Levis Commons Blvd, Perrysburg, Ohio

(419) 872-6100

You'll find a comfortable atmosphere and casual setting a relaxed place to dine for any occasion.


Poco Piatti | Casual Dining

Shrimp Sagnaki, Kabobs, Beef Marsala & More

3155 Chappel Drive, Perrysburg, Ohio

(419) 931-0281

Poco Piatti means "small plates."

Here, you have the opportunity to experience the many flavors of the mediterranean!

We strive to create dishes that are unique and healthy using only the most fresh and best quality ingredients.

So share the small, or large, plates with your table and enjoy!


Stella's | Fine Dining

Innovative Menu. Dramatic Decor. Remarkable Service

104 Louisiana Ave., Perrysburg, Ohio

(419) 873-8360

Established in 2005, Stella’s Restaurant and Bar is located in historic uptown Perrysburg.

Striving to provide the best service, Stella’s specializes in steaks, chops, seafood and housemade pasta.


Zingo's | Casual Dining

Cozy Mediterranean Dining

106 Louisiana Ave, Perrysburg, Ohio

(419) 872-5800

Cozy spot for Mediterranean fare from pitas to salads & housemade desserts, with vegetarian options.


Te'kela | Casual Dining

Mexican Cocina y Cantina

25481 N Dixie Hwy, Perrysburg, Ohio

(419) 517-0233

Tekela Mexican Cocina y Cantina celebrates the fusion of the contemporary and authentic foods of Mexico. Each special menu item is prepared fresh throughout the day and served with our homemade salsas. To compliment th range of specialty items, Tekela offers an assortment of margaritas, a wide selection of tequilas, and a complete list of Mexican beers and cocktails. We've created an atmosphere that brings to life the very essence of all that Mexico celebrates including a rich culture, delicious food, and festive gatherings of friends and family.


Toledo Restaurant Review

Review of the Local Food Scene

Smash Toledo is the positive inside track on food & beverage for the city of Toledo and surrounding areas. Smash Toledo is a video & photo hub showcasing local restaurants, bars and cafes doing great things. We care about the local food scene and plan to grow it into what we know it can be.